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New Delhi Printers

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New Delhi Printers
New Delhi, IN

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The first thing that a new joiner learns at Indian Barcode is the difference between a job and a career. A career at Indian Barcode goes much beyond mere employment. It is a continuous process of self discovery and growth. Right from firming the job description to goal setting to identifying time mangement practices, every stage of the Indian Barcode career development process aims at self development and alignment with the Indian Barcode philosophy.

Career Goals Setting career goals is a collaborative process. Every Indian Barcode employee is guided and encouraged to envision the next level in their career by department heads and seniors. Along with setting an achievable path, ample opportunities are provided to realise these goals.

Thereafter, with training, new assignments, feedback, guidance and of course, the employee's self motivation, the sky is the limit.

Team Building

Team work is the foundation of the Indian Barcode way of working. The ability to work as a cohesive team is engendered through a variety of activities and initiatives. Strong working relationships are developed through on-site projects, more responsibilities and team work sessions.

Indian Barcode is, first and foremost, a people centric organization. Working here is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, propelled by high levels of motivation, empowerment, and recognition. Open and free flowing communication, a sense of freedom, and a commitment to human values are integral to the Indian Barcode culture. At Indian Barcode, active, unhindered participation makes work fun.

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